Lazy Chef Recipes

Throughout my blog, you’ll soon see some recipes and food ideas. I’ll be calling the series ‘The Lazy Chef’. Keep your eyes peeled!

I also wanted to get one thing straight: I am NO chef. Or at least not a real one. I’m sure if any master chefs saw this, I would not live up to their standards of fine dining presentation and cooking methods. My goal is not to impress the food snobs. It’s hard to eat well on a tight budget, and it’s easy to just grab a box of mac ‘n’ cheese or canned pasta. After years of eating ramen noodles, I’ve decided that this just isn’t working anymore. I’m sick of the same old thing. Only, there’s a problem. I’m LAZY. I have come up with some easy recipes over the last year and a half. Ones that I haven’t shared. I’ve been too ashamed of how I cook. It’s incredibly lazy, too. It’s also incredibly tasty and cost-efficient.



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