Mason Jar Snowmen

ImageSo, I’ve been pinning a lot of seasonal crafts lately, and have been seeing a LOT of mason jar crafts. Everything from candle holders to planters. They are very multi-purpose. I decided to try my hand at making some snow man luminaries.

What you’ll need:

  • acrylic paint (white, black, orange)
  • mason jar
  • different sizes of paint brushes (you may choose to use a sponge brush to paint the base coat).

How to create:

  • coat your mason jar completely with white acrylic paint, and let dry (I let mine sit for an hour)
  • apply a second coat of white acrylic paint and let dry
  • decide where you want the eyes, nose and mouth. It might be helpful to practice drawing it on a piece of paper until you decide what style you want them to be.
  • use a finer brush to carefully paint the eyes, nose and mouth, and let dry
  • add finer detail and outline any features (I added detail to the carrot nose)
  • paint the lid black, as a hat
  • You can also add fabric (like a scarf), buttons for the eyes and mouth, and you can really play around with it to make it your own
  • as a safety precaution, I decided to use flickering LED lights

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