Stop the Body Hate!

Okay, so I’m a huge fan of this blog called The Militant Baker. I follow the blog on Facebook as well as read the blog through and through. This morning I woke up to a post that really hit home for me about body shaming, and more specifically ‘fat hate’. It was a photo of a stylish, curvaceous woman with a screenshot of Google’s auto-complete edited over her mouth. The point is that Google auto-correct clearly illustrates the prejudice and misconceptions that people still have about ‘fat’ people. The body-positive message of the poster, as well as tons of reader-submitted posters, was so strong. It really resonated with me, to the point that I even created my own. Facebook has been non-supportive of sharing these photos. The Militant Baker tried to pay to advertise the photo as well as her page, and it got declined because there were too many negative responses to it. In response, we’re being encouraged to share the heck out of all the posters and let them be seen by all! Spreading the message of acceptance is one that I wholeheartedly support. Here’s my submission:


Please don’t forget to visit the Militant Baker on Facebook as well as the blog, and even make your own poster! Last, but not least, please love yourself, flaws and all. All bodies are worthy of love and respect.


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