My Cat Adopted Me and my Mum!

ImageI’ve always been a fan of cats, and we’ve had cats for most of my life. When I moved out on my own, I really enjoyed coming home for visits so that I could see my kitties again. I always wanted my own cat, but my room mate wasn’t really that fond of felines. He had grown up mainly around dogs, and I had both in my home always. Things get interesting when I come home one day from work, to an almost empty apartment. Here’s the story of how I met my kitty.


I came home one day from a long day at the call center I worked at, unlocked the door to our basement apartment to find that my room mate was not back from his job yet. I put my backpack down on the floor, but still bent over, something jumps on my back and lays on it like it’s a bed. I immediately know that there is a cat on my back, but am confused to why there is one on my back. Where did this thing come from? Did it accidentally come in the door with me, from outside? I carefully remove this thing from my back and am looking face-to-face with a gorgeous long-haired grey and white cat with the pinkest little nose, a long body and the most gentle demeanor that I have ever encountered.

ImageI really wasn’t sure what to do at this point, so I decided to wait until my room mate got back home and go from there. We played for a good 20 minutes, got tuckered out, and my room mate came home to use snuggle-sleeping on the couch together. When I wake up, it is revealed to me that we are cat-sitting. His friend moved to a new place and couldn’t have the cat unless he was neutered and declawed. After weeks of having this handsome kitty (whose name is Damien, as I later learned) I find out that this person could not afford to pay for these things and was going to give Damien up to the local shelter. I was almost in tears at this point. I’ve become so attached to him and knew that my room mate didn’t really like cats.  I was in distress. I finally got the courage to talk to my room mate about possibly adopting Damien, and he felt the same way. He’d also grown to like cats.


I was really frugal for the next couple months because it was really important for me to take him to the vet to get him neutered, vaccinated and have his ears checked out (ended up he had ear mites). After that, I just had to keep giving him his ear medication and the rest was pretty much done. He was a healthy boy, about a year old or a little less than that.

ImageI had to give my boy up to my mother when I moved in with a boyfriend who was severely allergic to cats (I am no longer with him). He keeps my mom good company and I get to see him a lot too, so I can’t complain. I feel like it’s a perfect story of how he found us. He is the most laid back, cuddle-hungry cat that I’ve ever met. I just really wanted to share the heart-warming tale of Damien, my big boy!




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