European Tapestry – Guest Post by Charlotte Wakefield


The Best Way To Decorate With A European Tapestry

 One of the most attractive pieces of wall art available today is a European best tapestry. This type of wall is well received by friends and family. It offers a unique perspective that few other types of art can offer in terms of historical value. So what is the best way to decorate with a beautiful tapestry? It is really quite simple. Just select a wall and then decide upon the colors that you wish to match. The next thing to do is to pick a theme that suits your needs the best. From medieval to floral and castle scenes, tapestries come in many shapes, styles and colors. They offer the perfect interior design edge that many rooms are missing today. In short, a European Tapestry is the most elegant way to “dress” a room.

Respected Provider Of The Best In Tapestries From Europe

 What makes these works so impressive is the fact that they are hand woven and manufactured by expert weavers in Europe. From Belgium to France and Italy, weavers that follow age-old tradition create the most amazing pieces of art found anywhere. The best part is that anyone can own these genuine works at a deep discount. By simply going online it is easier than it has ever been to find great deals on hand woven tapestries. There is a one online retailer that has been providing quality wall art for several years running. is a trusted and respected provider of the best in tapestries from Europe. Deep discounts on some of the most beautiful wall tapestries are what buyers can expect from this wall art expert. Go online and visit to learn more.


Personalize and Customize: Out the Box Creations

I love handmade items. Not only are they crafted with care, but also by someone who is passionate about what they do, and I dig that. As most of you already know, not only do I sell on Etsy, I shop there too. It’s my go-to online marketplace where I find unique, eye-catching products that display fine craftsmanship and creativity. Recently I did a mini-review on a beautiful shop called Out the Box Creations.  You may remember the onesies and the maxi dress that I featured. I’ve really noticed how the brand was developing and expanding in a very positive direction. One that can be summed up in a great word: Custom!

Firstly, I’d like to mention that Spring is just around the corner, and I’ve been looking for some fresh statement pieces for my wardrobe. While browsing the shop, a gorgeous Chevron Clutch Purse popped out at me right away. I’m really into colors and patterns, so this instantly stood out to me. The wonderful thing about these clutches is that there are different colors to choose from:  aqua, navy, gold, hot pink, grey or burnt orange. You are also able to choose your own inner lining color, and have the option of adding a monogram, initials or name. The Spring Clutch Purse is also very pretty and fresh for spring! It comes in 4 different fabrics, all very fun and colorful. These can be customized too, with a flower or button accent, or a different lining or monogram as well.



Next on my list…infinity scarves! I love infinity scarves so much, so when I saw that these were offered, I got all giddy about it! The Mother/Daughter Infinity Scarves are an adorable idea. These comfortable cotton scarves are made to order, and come in 9 specialty colors, any solid color or 6 chevron patterns. These come in different sizes, depending on who you are ordering for. toddler, tween or adult. They are also available separately, if you just want one for yourself or for a child. This makes a great gift, and you can custom make it to fit your own personal style.

ImageLast, but definitely not least, I completely adore both the Bowtie and Tie Onesies and Personalized Baby Girl Onesies. As an auntie, I feel the burning desire to spoil my nephews with gifts and the cutest clothing. They bowtie and tie onesies come with optional vest, buttons or suspenders. Super adorable, right? These onesies are not your boring plain white ones! Have a baby girl in mind? How about a personalized onesie for her too?! You could have her initial made of buttons, a little necklace design, colorful flowers, or any of the other creative and colorful designs as you can see from the photo! There are so many to choose from. There is so much room for customization and personalization, that these items are just really unique. You’ll be sure to capture a lot of attention and compliments with these cute onesies, and they make a perfect gift.


All in all, I’m impressed with the new items in shop, and the direction they are taking. Some shops aren’t open to custom orders, but , with Out The Box Creations, if there’s a different color or size you need, that’s great! If there’s an option that’s not listed, she will try to make it happen for you! Items tailored to your every need! Need I say more?!