European Tapestry – Guest Post by Charlotte Wakefield


The Best Way To Decorate With A European Tapestry

 One of the most attractive pieces of wall art available today is a European best tapestry. This type of wall is well received by friends and family. It offers a unique perspective that few other types of art can offer in terms of historical value. So what is the best way to decorate with a beautiful tapestry? It is really quite simple. Just select a wall and then decide upon the colors that you wish to match. The next thing to do is to pick a theme that suits your needs the best. From medieval to floral and castle scenes, tapestries come in many shapes, styles and colors. They offer the perfect interior design edge that many rooms are missing today. In short, a European Tapestry is the most elegant way to “dress” a room.

Respected Provider Of The Best In Tapestries From Europe

 What makes these works so impressive is the fact that they are hand woven and manufactured by expert weavers in Europe. From Belgium to France and Italy, weavers that follow age-old tradition create the most amazing pieces of art found anywhere. The best part is that anyone can own these genuine works at a deep discount. By simply going online it is easier than it has ever been to find great deals on hand woven tapestries. There is a one online retailer that has been providing quality wall art for several years running. is a trusted and respected provider of the best in tapestries from Europe. Deep discounts on some of the most beautiful wall tapestries are what buyers can expect from this wall art expert. Go online and visit to learn more.


Etsy Finds: KB and Friends

KB  and friends is a beautiful shop I’ve run into lately, and that I’m excited to tell you about! It’s a mother-daughter run shop that sells all kinds of vintage, retro and whimsical digital and paper products. I’ve always been into vintage items and paper ephemera, as well as digital art. This shop really pulls these two loves together in one place! There are items for both kids and adults, with flash cards for kids to recipe books and scrapbook products. All including a cute, whimsical and vintage look.


        My favorite items are the albums/recipe books.

My favorite items are the albums/recipe books. They are embellished with flowers, ribbon, and little bits and pieces of vintage. They are so unique and am absolutely in love with these. I also really love the flash cards because they remind me of my childhood with the colorful vintage characters. The bingo cards are really neat as well; I remember playing bingo in school to help learn letters and numbers.


 I also really love the flash cards

There are so many other goodies here too, and I just really fell in love with them. The digital listings are great, since there is no waiting for mail to arrive, just print as desired (or view them from the computer). Pretty handy, right?! All in all, I think that if you love the shabby chic, vintage style, and are looking for paper and digital products, I highly suggest KB and Friends. The prices are reasonable and the products are beautiful!

Etsy Finds: Out The Box Creations

I came across the shop Out the Box Creations and it really stood out to me. I don’t have children myself, but I have 3 little nephews who I just adore, and I love looking at children’s clothes and gifts. What auntie doesn’t love to spoil their nephews or nieces! Basically, LaKesha, the owner, has a knack for style. Her items include different outfits for babies and small children. Personalized onesies, College team dresses, little booties, football team baby clothing and even a tutu set! Stuff for boys and girls alike. I love that they have seasonal items like Christmas and Thanksgiving onesies. No kids to buy for? No problem! There’s something for baby, woman and even the dog of the family! Here are a few of my favorites (click on the photos to view the items).

ImageThis is TOO cute. Really. Just too cute.


Love your dog? Love Valentine’s day? (but really, your dog needs a wardrobe too).


Something nice for the lady of the house! Love this long patterned maxi dress!!

Mason Jar Snowmen

ImageSo, I’ve been pinning a lot of seasonal crafts lately, and have been seeing a LOT of mason jar crafts. Everything from candle holders to planters. They are very multi-purpose. I decided to try my hand at making some snow man luminaries.

What you’ll need:

  • acrylic paint (white, black, orange)
  • mason jar
  • different sizes of paint brushes (you may choose to use a sponge brush to paint the base coat).

How to create:

  • coat your mason jar completely with white acrylic paint, and let dry (I let mine sit for an hour)
  • apply a second coat of white acrylic paint and let dry
  • decide where you want the eyes, nose and mouth. It might be helpful to practice drawing it on a piece of paper until you decide what style you want them to be.
  • use a finer brush to carefully paint the eyes, nose and mouth, and let dry
  • add finer detail and outline any features (I added detail to the carrot nose)
  • paint the lid black, as a hat
  • You can also add fabric (like a scarf), buttons for the eyes and mouth, and you can really play around with it to make it your own
  • as a safety precaution, I decided to use flickering LED lights